I am a project manager, systems designer, website designer, programmer and author based in London. I have over 20 years’ experience in computer engineering since graduating with a BSc in Electronics and a PhD in Electronics and Computer Science from Southampton University (UK).

I have worked in commercial software companies including two venture-capital funded startups and a large multinational. I now work as an independent consultant developing bespoke desktop and web applications.

I develop graphical desktop applications, mainly on Windows but also on Linux. One of my specialisms is cross-platform development of applications that work identically on both platforms. However, I also develop Windows-only applications using C# with the .NET framework.

I also develop Web 2.0 applications – websites with dynamic content, using databases to manage that content and possibly using AJAX to create a true web application.

I can also combine my main areas of expertise to create integrated systems incorporating web applications, databases and desktop applications.

My technologies of choice are open-source where possible to avoid the corporate lock-in that happens if you use a proprietary technology. So, I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL for developing AJAX-based web applications. I use C++ (gnu compiler suite) with the wxWidgets framework for platform-independent desktop applications. These technologies are as future-proof as it is possible to be in a fast-changing world.