About Me

Hi, welcome to my website.

I am Andy Rushton and I have been working as a software engineer since I completed my BSc in Electronics from Southampton University in 1983. I went on to obtain a PhD from Southampton University in 1987 with a research project on massively-parallel computing.

My early work experience was developing design-automation tools for the electronics industry. My first proper job in 1988 was for Plessey Research at Roke Manor in Hampshire, now part of Siemens.  I went on in 1992 to help found TransEDA Limited, a venture-capital funded startup created by a management buyout from Plessey Research. I was a shareholder, key programmer, systems designer and eventually research manager for TransEDA. TransEDA was a success and floated on the stock market in 2000. Sadly it went bust some years later and although it was bought out and continued for a while, it now seems defunct.

I left TransEDA in 1999 to join another startup formed from research taking place at Southampton University. The new company was called LeafMold Enterprises (LME) and was funded by Celoxica, which was in turn venture-capital funded. Sadly LME ran out of funding in late 2001 and was closed down.

Since then I have diversified, working initially as a post-doctoral researcher at Southampton University studying high-level synthesis of micro-electronics, then as a freelance consultant specialising in systems design, desktop application development and website design, particularly the engineering aspects of dynamic website and web applications.