Example – Pension Consolidation Service (PCS)

Pension Consolidation Service

Pension Consolidation Service

The Pension Consolidation Service company was set up to provide a means for people to combine their existing pensions into one low-fee pension.

The website design was started a year ago and then put on hold while regulatory requirements were being met. It is now live.

The website is custom-designed with graphics designed by the graphic design house Creative Clinic. The website design, from page layout and styling to the programming aspects of collecting customer data and managing the database was done by me.

It uses my own, in-house, content management system (CMS) which is tailored for small projects like this one with just a few pages of text and diagrams. My CMS is driven by a database backend to provide client-customisable content and this database is also used to collect client details. It is implemented using HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL. It also uses Google Charts to provide instant charting.

This design includes Google Analytics so that the customer can study customer trends and optimise their sales pitch and the website usability.

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