STLplus C++ Library Collection


I am the author of STLplus, a C++ free software project hosted on SourceForge.

STLplus is a collection of reusable C++ components for developers already familiar with the STL. It contains template containers to extend the STL, reusable subsystems, data persistence (serialisation) and portability components.

The collection is general-purpose and portable:

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Gnu/Linux, BSD, Solaris, MacOS
  • CPUs: Intel, AMD, IBM, DEC, Sparc, Power PC etc.
  • Word Length: 32-bit, 64-bit
  • Compilers: Visual Studio, Gnu gcc, Borland

The collections include:

  • Containers: digraph, hash, ntree, matrix, triple, foursome
  • Persistence: C data types, classes, templates, polymorphism, STL & STLplus containers
  • Portability: filesystem, subprocesses, sockets, dynamic loader, wildcards, infinite precision arithmetic
  • Subsystems: library manager, message handler, ini-file manager, CLI parser, CPU timer
  • Strings: C data types, classes, templates, STL & STLplus containers

See the Online Documentation for the Whole Collection