VHDL Fixed and Floating Point Packages

In my book, “VHDL for Logic Synthesis“, I make extensive use of the VHDL-2008 extensions for fixed and floating-point numbers.

However, many synthesis systems do not necessarily provide these packages. For a while it was possible to use them by downloading them from VHDL.org but that website is now closed.

To make this simpler, I have added download links below to the packages:

Each variant has notes included explaining how to use them with that particular synthesiser or simulator.


Hi Andy,
Do you know how one would use the fixed_pkg in Quartus II version 15?
Also, how do I compile them into a library?

Hi, I have not tried that system for a long time and can’t remember how it works. However, I have found that some VHDL tools don’t support libraries in which case you just incorporate the fixed package into the design by adding the source code to the compilation. You cpuld try this and see if it gets you to a solution. Does that help?

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