My website design approach yields high quality websites that are visually attractive, work well on all computer types and which are accessible to a wide range of people including those with visual or physical impairment.

Website design is now becoming a mature science and we are now at a stage where there are international standards for website design. However, a quick look at the Internet today shows that only a small proportion of web sites are using this approach.

I have always moved with the times and have kept track with the emerging technology. This means that not only am I very experienced, but I am also one of the new breed of web designers that use a standards-based approach that is accessible, clear and future-proof.


The page on features explains some of the website features that I can design for you, including dynamic content using AJAX, database-driven designs, a consistent look using templates, logo and banner design, navigation using menus and site maps.


The page on philosophy explains why I design web sites and applications the way I do, how this gives you a simple but effective web site which will be accessible to everyone and future-proof.


The page on Web Standards explains why standards-based design meets the requirements of this philosophy.


WordPress, CMS, Blogs, Blogging software, XHTML, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, Hijax, XML, MySQL, WAI, open-source, Google Webmaster Guidelines, Google Analytics, SEO, cross-browser design, standards-based design, accessibility.